Business Accounting Software Worth Investing In

If you plan to start a business, getting the best accounting software should be one of your priorities. Accounting software will help you record outgoing and incoming payments, run business reports, follow up receivables, and create invoices. It is an integral part of any business and helps you analyze your business performance and financial health.

However, with a sea of accounting software claiming to be the best, choosing one can be tricky. So to help you find the best, we have listed five of the best accounting software that is easy-to-use and comes with various features.

Top Business Accounting Software

  • Intuit QuickBooks Online

If you are running a small business, this accounting software is worth considering. It is affordable, effective, and comes with an easy-to-use interface. QuickBooks Online comes with several features, including integration with several business applications.

Intuit QuickBooks Online features include:

  • regular updates
  • track expenses
  • create professional invoices (batch invoices for higher plans)
  • accept payments
  • business analytics
  • integration with other business apps, including Hubspot and Salesforce

With QuickBoks Online, you can track your business reports through automated email or from the Reports page. Overall, it is one of the best accounting software in 2021.

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is an ideal choice for business owners looking for easy-to-use accounting software. This software allows you to manage your business from a single dashboard and comes with enterprise resource planning tools.

Oracle NetSuite features include:

  • Receive or make payments
  • Business reports
  • Manage taxes
  • Send or receive invoices
  • Support multiple exchange rates and currencies
  • Revenue management system
  • Cash flow management

Oracle NetSuite also comes with several ERP tools that help you to manage inventory, supply and production chain, and finances. Overall, it is ideal accounting software for all your accounting needs. It is also one of the most widely uses accounting SaaS offerings out, used by everyone from FBH networks who operate hookup sites to find local fuck buddies, to large ecommerce businesses with complicated expenses and transactions occurring daily.

FreshBooks Accounting Software

FreshBooks comes with excellent invoicing and accounting features. Its easy-to-use interface allows business owners to craft invoices with ease. Additionally, you can customize your invoice’s look and set up automatic payment reminders.

FreshBooks Accounting Software features include:

  • Craft invoices
  • Customize invoice looks
  • Accept payments through invoices
  • Set automatic payment reminders
  • Track expenses
  • Run financial reports
  • Manage projects
  • Automatic credit and debit checks
  • Integration with other business applications

FreshBooks is an ideal pick for business owners as it combines robust invoicing capabilities with intuitive accounting services. Overall, it is one of the best accounting software with affordable pricing options.


If you are looking for automated accounting software that is easy to manage and provides secure electronic payments, Plooto is worth considering. This software allows business owners to control their accounting from a single dashboard. Whether you are making payments, generating reports, or tracking your cash flow, Plooto will save you a lot of time with its automating processes.

Plooto features include:

  • Manage payments from a single dashboard
  • Secure electronic payments
  • Faster payment speed
  • Automated invoicing
  • Integration with other business applications
  • Affordable pricing

Plooto is an affordable option for business owners to enhance their accounting needs. Overall, it is one of the best accounting software for small business owners.

Wave Financial

If you are looking for a free accounting solution for your business, Wave Financial is worth considering. Despite being free, this software comes with several accounting features that will help you track your business and financial health.

Wave Financial features include:

  • Link credit cards and bank accounts
  • Track expenses
  • It provides standard bookkeeping services
  • Integration with other business applications (limited)
  • Run reports
  • Create invoices

Wave Financial might miss out on some accounting features, but it can handle most of your accounting needs with ease. Overall, it is the best free accounting software for small business owners.